Merry Christmas from Team Wessman!

Dearest Friends,

In 2018 I see that much of the learning we did this year came by others serving us. We moved at the beginning of the year, a task that we could not have done without the aid of many neighbors and friends. The year ramped up with the kids in going to different schools; we could not have managed the rides, games, practices, and activities without heavenly drivers. In October I broke my toe, Chris broke his arm, and Robyn’s appendix burst. The meals, calls, offers, visits, cleaning and meals (did I mention meals?) eased our burdens and turned crisis an inconvenience. I know Heaven is aware of us because angels kept showing up to serve us. It is humbling and ennobling to experience the love and sacrifice of  those around us.

I’m here, feeling like the same person, while the people I love around me are changing quickly. It’s like reaching out to catch butterflies as they migrate. Chris began kindergarten and learned to swim, read, and is playing violin. His favorite pastime is “building with garbage” (our recycling). He sits on the stairs in the morning listening to seminary (Each school day 23, 14 year-olds gather for early morning scripture study in our basement! Our neighbors asked me if we had started a daycare. I said no.) Chris is my snuggle buddy.

Jonny chose to be baptised this year. He thought hard about that decision, and decided to pray about it. He said, “I feel like Heavenly Father wants me to, so I’m going to do it.” He loves his school and church teachers. The boys walk to the library after school everyday, and the librarians have helped them find books they enjoy, which hasn’t come easy. Jon and I work hard on the piano together. He’s good at chores, cooking, did swim team, passed the deep end test, and plays basketball and soccer. Mikey is pursuing his sports and violin with a ton of energy. Baseball is his passion (GO SOX), but soccer, basketball, and tennis are up there too. I can see him being my lifetime workout buddy. He has kind friends. Holly is all alone at the middle school and loving it! She won a piano competition, pursues flute, is getting chatty in French, started cross country and is especially helpful at home. She sincerely asks me about my day and what she can do for help. Robyn made the leap to high school! From the day she began kindergarten I wanted to be a mouse in her pocket, seeing what adventures her days hold, from piano to Chinese, marching band to the school play. She is a friend to all. Her appendix rupture in Oct/Nov was significant, but she is now back to her bouncy, fun self. No more hospitals, I.V.’s or casts for us!

Rob is working hard at his education and leadership company. He serves in the ministry at church and does the laundry. *heart* I find a lot of joy in photography and am still leading group exercise classes. I am in Cub Scouts and the 5 year-olds at Church. My mom came to visit this summer.

Please stay in touch. We value your friendship and support. Thank you for the impact you have had on our lives. We know the Lord loves you and is playing a role in your life.


Dawn, Rob, Robyn (14) Holly (12) Mikey (10) Jonny (8) Chris (5)


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